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A great percentage of the European footwear is manufactured in the area of Elche, Elda and Almansa. Each of these pairs of shoes bears undoubtedly the stamp of quality, where a product elaborated with care,tradition and expertise can be appreciated.

The main brands with international prestige, that are seen on catwalks and red carpets around the world, are located in this zone of influence.

The school of this tradition brings its experience to the hands of the new generation of manufacturers which, unlike the widespread low cost policy that lowers quality, still remains an important reference in terms of work well done.


A century ago, the shoe industry was established in Elche, and the Caballero family has been settled there for more than seventy five years, knowing how to make the difference. This name not only refers to a way of working but also, to a way of being. Our quality assurance is thus implicitly linked to our name.

The Caballero name rhymes therefore with seriousness and professionalism. Thus you feel a member of a family whose emblem is a job well done; who has made quality, our home label and exclusivity our banner.

We have been learning every day from this profession, generation after generation, tradition after tradition, innovation after innovation.


There are several concepts which may define the modern gentleman: his elegance, his timelessness, his simplicity ... but among all the characteristics that describe him, one is undoubtedly the most adequate: his demand. The modern gentleman is a unique being whose hallmark ought to be his distinction.

Therefore, a man who wears Ricardo&Caballero shoes steps in an exclusive footwear, made by and for him. A personalized model, from its design up to the chosen materials. Thanks to our displays,not only can you choose your favourite model, but also among a wide range of materials, colours, and the latest trend finishes. In other words, you can be certain that your shoes are definitely unique and signed with your own initials, only taking into consideration your personal tastes.

Thus, your Ricardo&Caballero shoes will be made pair by pair, only after being ordered, thanks to expert and skilled craftsmen who take care of the smallest detail. Nevertheless, a vanguard technology is used for their conception, such as augmented reality which gives the customer the possibility to see how his future shoes fit him before ordering them.

Therefore, you will only find the Ricardo&Caballero brand in the most exclusive boutiques. Those that know how to reflect elegance, style and good taste; and where the stress is put on the quality of service provided by the staff. Personalized attention and capacity to give the best advice for your image are one of the services that are the most appreciated. In other terms, those chosen by the 21st century gentlemen.