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Only the best materials are used for Ricardo&Caballero shoes. All of them are selected after a thorough searching process among the best Italian and Spanish brands.

Our flawless first quality hides and skins are carefully chosen, that is to say ,only perfect cuts and premium quality.

The softness and beauty of our textiles confer elegance and distinction that makes the difference from other manufacturers in the same sector.

Each component, from the wires up to the insoles keeps the same standards.

Everything is made so that your Ricardo&Caballero shoes will last a lifetime.


In the shoe manufacturing process of each model, vanguard technology is mingled with traditional crafts. Expert hands that treat each shoe one by one, cutting, sewing, gluing, bending the skin up to achieve a unique and personalized piece. The result is a genuine pair of shoes that the customer designed as he wished.

Thanks to the element that brings excellence to our shoes, the result cannot be found anywhere in the market, nor given by any supplier. It is something that we carry within us and that we apply generously when it comes to the confection of each pair of shoes: pure passion for what we do, with the maverick desire to be that best ones.


The shoes are manufactured in Spain a hundred per cent. In our country there has been a long tradition in the sector for many years, especially in the area of Elche, Elda and Almansa. All the processes have been carried out within our borders. Even the components, that are purchased in Italy, are imported in order to be used in the production process.

This condition allows us to provide the whole process the maximum quality control and offer the best guarantee regarding our product.


The man who wears Ricardo&Caballero shoes prioritizes quality over any other feature that defines his own style. Without quality, there is neither elegance nor distinction.

Apart from providing you the guarantee that goes along with Ricard&Caballero shoes, we must add all the personal attention you will receive from our prestigious partner stores.

You can only find Ricardo&Caballero in the best boutiques, where our customers can appreciate what really characterizes them: exclusivity; where personalized advisory and attention is a profession; where the natural essence of a gentleman finds its place.

You will only find Ricardo&Caballero displays in those establishments, where good taste and difference always come first and with a particular personal attention.Those boutiques are our best partners.


Thanks to Ricardo&Caballero display you will appreciate the soft touch of our skins, the firmness of our materials and the delicacy of our finishes.

Moreover, you will be able to test them, see how well they fit you and appreciate the result on your foot, thanks to the vanguard 3D technology. You will have the opportunity to wear the Ricardo&Caballero shoes that you have designed yourself thanks to the augmented reality device in the store itself.

Thus, you will be able to test and check the quality of the shoes made by Ricardo&Caballero, testing the model that best fits your shoe size. Finally, you will find them available in the store.